How to Apply Foundation the Right Way

You can never perfect applying makeup until you know how to apply foundation impeccably. Unfortunately, many women still do not have the knowledge, or skills, to get the results they seek. Whether you’re learning how to apply eyeshadow, or, how to do smokey eyes, your first step to perfecting both is knowing how to apply foundation. Fortunately, you have arrived on the right page. So, read on and learn.

Applying Conventional Foundation

After washing, and toning, your face and neck properly, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Apply a moisturizing sunscreen, moisturizer, or primer, to protect your skin from the outside environment and to keep it well hydrated. Allow these to set for a few minutes and then lightly press a tissue to your skin to remove any excess product.
  2. In order to be perfect on, how to apply foundation, you need to learn how to camouflage your imperfections. This means that you should discover the world of concealers and color correctors. Concealers are easier to work with because all you need to do is select the right shade, and then, use your fingers to apply it. Once you apply the concealer and/or color correctors you need, make sure to rub them well into your skin.
  3. Apply dots of foundation onto your face and smooth them over your face with a sponge or your fingers, blending well. Make sure to keep your foundation seamless, or else, everyone will discover that you have makeup on.
  4. Apply the rest of your makeup using our guides, such as eye makeup for brown eyes.

Applying Airbrush Foundation

Because no, how to apply foundation guide, can be complete without mentioning airbrush foundation, here are the steps you should follow to apply it.

  1. Usually you will have to use primers, and moisturizers, before spraying on airbrush foundation. However, you can be spared this step by using airbrush foundation from Dinair Airbrush Makeup.
  2. If your foundation can be mixed, make sure to take your time with this process to avoid chalky, or too dark, foundation.
  3. When spraying your airbrush foundation, keep your airbrush at a 6-inch distance, and make sure to move your hand in circles in order to spray the color evenly.
  4. Wait until your foundation sets, and then repeat step 3, if you need to build coverage.

With these steps, applying makeup will be quicker and even effortless. So, make sure to remember them and implement them every time you apply your cosmetics.



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