Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes – 7 Golden Tips to Remember

Whoever it was that said, “Blondes have all the fun”, definitely didn’t have a pair of brown eyes. Though it is the most common color for eyes, brown eyes can be even more alluring, because their deep dark color can hide those mysteries that every woman wants, the right man, to unravel. Besides, when it comes to eye makeup for brown eyes, the varieties of color you can choose from are limitless.

If you want to get the most from your, eye makeup for brown eyes, then make sure to remember the following tips.

  • Keep in mind that there are four types of brown eyes: deep dark brown, medium brown, light brown, and, hazel. Each of these comes with its own set of eye makeup colors. For example, medium brown eyes will look stunning under green lids, while hazel eyes will pop with shades of champagne and mauve.
  • To make your brown eyes your dominate facial feature, you will need to first prepare your eye area using the instructions from our how to apply foundation guide. After that, using the steps in the how to apply eyeshadow guide, dab your lids with the colors that make your eyes pop.
  • Dramatic eyes are perfect for brown-eyed girls; this is why you should learn how to do smokey eyes, cat’s eye, and, other dramatic eye makeup designs. However, don’t just stick to conventional black when you can play with different colors for your eyes. So, consider deep shades of blue, brown, and a few metallic tones, such as bronze or pinks.
  • While applying makeup for your eyes, make sure to keep your eyeliner to a minimum. The eyeliner should define your eyes without overpowering them or diverting attention from your brown pupils. However, if you choose dramatic eye makeup for brown eyes, which requires heavy eyeliner, choose a dark shade that matches your eyeshadow rather than simple black.
  • Contrary to common belief, women with brown eyes can have their pick of airbrush eyeshades. Companies, such as Dinair Airbrush Makeup, offer an extensive collection of eyeshades that you can mix to create even more colors.
  • If you feel that your brown eyes are small, you can easily make them appear large with a few makeup tricks. First off, avoid light colors since they make your eyes seem small. Next, start lining your eyes from the middle of your eyelid to its outer corner. Make sure to start with a thin line and build as you go.

Applying makeup can be easy, and fun, when you remember these tips for eye makeup for brown eyes. So, don’t miss your chance to look your best with just a little effort.

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