The Secrets of Applying Makeup Like a Pro

In order to be alluring, there are many beauty secrets women use, and, hide from men. For example, you may use shape enhancing clothing to get that attractive bust and hourglass shape, every man desires to see. However, the biggest secret women want to hide is the fact that they use makeup.

Since the days the pharaohs ruled Egypt, women have been using makeup to hide any imperfections and enhance their best features. By crushing Mother Nature’s offerings, such as rice and charcoal, they were able to create the first makeup products. Today’s women are no different; using traditional lead-free cosmetics, as well as, the latest innovation airbrush makeup, they can hide their blemishes and emphasize their best facial features.

However, because makeup, when misused, can turn garish, women across the world seek the secrets of applying makeup. If you are one of those women, you have come to the right place.

Through this website, you will discover the basics of applying makeup, including how to apply eyeshadow, how to do smokey eyes, and, how to apply foundation. You will also learn important secrets every woman should know of, such as, eye makeup for brown eyes, and, how airbrush cosmetics, from producers like Dinair Airbrush Makeup, can make applying makeup easier, quicker, and, more convenient.

Now, before you start navigating away to our guides and information-filled pages, you need to read and remember, the following golden rules, of applying makeup like a pro.

  • One of the important, yet least practiced, golden rule of applying makeup is taking care of your skin. This means that you should get facials after every 15 days and incorporate a daily cleansing session into your routine. Remember, the perfect painting, requires an impeccable canvas.
  • Before applying makeup, your face and neck should be clean and dry. Dirt-filled pores do not react well with cosmetics, and may cause you to suffer from skin irritation and an acne attack. As for wet skin, it prevents your makeup from setting properly. So, avoid these two like the plague.
  • Deal with your imperfections before applying any of your cosmetics. This means that you should use primer to fill in lines and apply a concealer, or color correctors, to create a flawless base for your foundation. You can easily skip this relatively lengthy process if you choose airbrush foundation. Airbrush foundation settles on your skin, hides your blemishes, and, acts as a smudge and waterproof foundation that will last for 18 or more hours.
  • One surefire technique for applying makeup professionally to use your fingers rather than brushes. Your fingers will be very useful in blending your makeup to ensure that it spreads evenly on your skin.
  • If your skin tends to get dry, use a moisturizer before your foundation. Doing so will prevent your makeup from cracking. If you have a t-zone, then make sure that you use an oil-free lotion instead.
  • You need to consider more than your skin tone, and the color of your eyes, when choosing your makeup. For example, the color of your clothes, and the season, can determine the colors you use for your makeup.
  • Remember that makeup is supposed to enhance your features rather than change them. So, use your cosmetics lightly and make sure to keep your, “made up”, look simple.
  • If you airbrush your makeup, you will be at an advantage because you won’t have to spend time waiting for your makeup to dry, and, won’t have to pile multiple coats of cosmetics on your face. However, for the perfect airbrushed look, you need to remember two things: distances and technique. You should spray your foundation from a 6-inch distance, blush from 4-inches, and lip color and eye shadow from2-inches. As for technique, remember to constantly move your hand in a circular motion while applying airbrush makeup. This prevents hot spots, which are patches of concentrated color.
  • Speaking of brushes, you need to keep those clean in order to get the most from using them. This means washing your brushes after every use, whether they are conventional makeup brushes, or, airbrushes.
  • Focus on only one facial feature at a time. For example, if you, and others, think your lips and eyes are your best features, then, you need to choose which of them get the most praise and use more color to emphasize that feature.
  • Practice applying makeup on a regular basis to perfect your technique. Though you may think that this tip will cost you a lot of product and money, it is essential if you want to look your best while wearing makeup.

Now that you have the golden rules of applying makeup in your hands, you are ready to make the most from our collections of guides and tips. So, begin your tour throughout the website.  We hope you enjoy the trip,

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